About us

The Pirelli brand is an international icon standing for technology, tastefulness and Italian excellence. Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.

In Bangladesh, Asian Automotive Ltd. is the sole distributor of Pirelli Tyres. With a view to serve the high value Tyre market, we started off with Tyres for motorcycles in 2019 & now we are offering Tyres for passenger Cars/SUVs as well.

Over the years, Pirelli has concentrated, above all, on the development, production and marketing of Tyres with large rim sizes, special technical and aesthetic characteristics and associated with high performance, advanced technology and safety.

through extensive number of dealers Asian Automotive is determined to serve the Bangladeshi Tyre market with innovative Tyres for cars, motorcycles and also planned commercial vehicles from Pirelli.

Why Choose Pirelli?

Pioneering innovation to stay ahead of the game. This is the philosophy that has taken Pirelli to the forefront of the industry on a global scale. Founded in 1872, Pirelli represents a key industry reference for innovation. 40 years of experience in the Premium segment for a global leadership in product technology has resulted in:

  • Solid partnership with major car manufacturers for original equipment supply
  • Seasoned experience in motorsport
  • Leadership in innovative and green materials
  • State-of-the-art tire technology
  • Development of flexible and efficient manufacturing processes
  • Considerable investments in Research & Development

Solid partnership with major car
manufacturers for original equipment supply.

Pirelli’s product portfolio is developed in partnership with the most demanding and prestigious manufacturers.
These include Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Pagani and McLaren, as well as Premium car manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Tesla and Volvo.

Partnerships with manufacturers are fundamental to the Pirelli business model because they allow Pirelli to gain broad visibility of the technological innovations happening in the sector and keep up with consumer needs, which can then be incorporated into its products before they are offered for sale. This helps Pirelli to plan its medium and long term investments, particularly in research and development and production.

Meanwhile, car manufacturers benefit from the joint development process by achieving the perfect combination of a tyre married to the dynamic characteristics and electronics of the car – the so-called “perfect fit”.

An average of over 300 tyres were approved by car manufacturers each year in 2014-16. In 2016 Pirelli had more than 1,900 High Value homologations – individual tyre approvals from leading car manufacturers.

Seasoned Experience in Motorsport

Pirelli’s presence in motorsports started in 1907 and the company has long believed that the experience it
gains in this arena is beneficial to its research and development activities.
The company currently supports some 460 car and motorcycle sport events, and this is driving innovation
in design, modelling, materials, processes and testing.
One example comes from its role as exclusive tyre supplier to the Formula One™ World Championship.
The data it compiles from its experiences on the track can be used for the development of road products.